Dailymotion launches new platform with BBC News, Vice, Cheddar as partners

Dailymotion launched in 2005 when the web video industry might as well have been the stone age. Now the platform recently relaunched to reinvent “the Dailymotion experience to provide a personalized user interface, new features for publishers and advertisers, and a brand new mobile app.”

They already have a ton of impressive launch partners including  Launch partners including Genius, Condé Nast Entertainment, Hearst Magazines Digital Media, Bloomberg Media, Group Nine Media, BBC News, VICE, Refinery29, Mic, Billboard/The Hollywood Reporter and Cheddar, Fuse Media.

Found Remote interviewed Claudia Page, the VP of Product & Partner Development Dailymotion about the major launch.

Found Remote: Why the new app launch now?
Claudia Page: Consumers, brands, and publishers are demanding more out of their experiences with video. People want to experience compelling, relevant videos from trusted sources. Advertisers continue to fight battles to ensure the brand safety of their messages. Publishers are challenged to build audiences and monetize amid a fragmented landscape in which attention has been disintermediated across channels and platforms. It’s time to build a new paradigm for video.

Dailymotion is a pioneer in the video space, first launching back in 2005. For more than a decade, publishers and creators have relied on our best-in-class player technology to help them stream and host their content. This relaunch reflects our most expansive strategic shift ever, in which we’re prioritizing premium content for the best storytellers on the web—publishers like Vice, Genius, CNN, Bloomberg, Mic, Cheddar, Hearst Magazines Digital Media, and Condé Nast Entertainment. Additionally, we’re able to tap into global partners like Universal Music Group and Canal+ by way of our position within the Vivendi network.

FR: What are the major features the will benefit video publishers?
CP: With the relaunch, we’re focusing on partnerships with trusted publishers that align with our four key content verticals: music, sports, entertainment, and news. Publishers benefit from our ongoing investment in developing the very best streaming, hosting, and content management tools, as well as from our flourishing community of engaged entertainment-seekers who turn to our platform for their daily dose of personalized entertainment. Moreover, publishers benefit from having their content being surfaced in topical endemic streams of conversation in which trusted content sources are prioritized above user-generated content.

FR: What companies are using this, how and why?
CP: In addition to the launch partners above, we’re also working with BBC News, Refinery29, Group Nine Media, USA Gymnastics, FOX Deportes, Fuse Media, Billboard/The Hollywood Reporter, and other top publishers. We’ve staffed a global content partnerships team which exists to constantly identify and partner with publishers to help them bring their video content to new audiences and monetize their video investment.

Since Dailymotion is both a video technology and community, partners work with us across various areas of their businesses, from revenue/monetization to user engagement and technology. Partners that leverage our player technology benefit features that aim to maximize their onsite engagement and monetization opportunities on their owned and operated sites. as well as a scalable solution for streaming, hosting, and monetizing content, which, by the way, is 100 percent free.

FR: Any predictions for the video industry for the next year?

CP: There’s been a lot of discussion lately regarding the role automation and algorithms when it comes to which video content bubbles up on the internet. I think we’ll continue to see this conversation take shape, with the industry netting out on a solution that combines a human oversight and an editorial layer to ensure a safe viewing environment.

At Dailymotion, we provide a combination of human curation and algorithmic rankings to determine which content is featured within our desktop site and app. We use this same combination to protect copyright holders, enlisting human moderators and a suite of video and audio fingerprinting tools to quickly remove illegal or inappropriate content in under two hours.

FR: Anything else?
CP: Video is one of the most emotive media formats, but the current model isn’t ideal for users, brands, and publishers alike. As an industry, we should strive to identify opportunities to provide more personalized experiences within brand safe environments that prioritize content from the web’s most-trusted publishers and storytellers.

Natan Edelsburg

Executive Editor, Found Remote. EVP, Muck Rack & Shorty Awards. I watch every TV show. http://linkd.in/nedelsburg

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Natan Edelsburg

Executive Editor, Found Remote. EVP, Muck Rack & Shorty Awards. I watch every TV show. http://linkd.in/nedelsburg

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