The Young Turks adds The Humanist Report as TYT Network partner

Continuing to build on its momentum from a historic election cycle, The Young Turks last week announced that it would be adding as a partner The Humanist Report with Mike Figueredo to its TYT Network. The Humanist Report – a YouTube channel and podcast that recently crossed the 100,000 subscriber mark – simplifies pressing political issues for a millennial crowd and also offers commentary and advocacy.

“I saw a lot of benefits to joining TYT Network,” Figueredo told Found Remote. “The first is that I wanted the protection MCNs provide to channels that are vulnerable to arbitrary copyright strikes. I wanted someone to call when something went wrong. Second of all, I feel as though my channel is not only about political commentary, but a crucial component is building a grassroots progressive movement—my job is to be a voice for that movement. The Humanist Report partnering with TYT Network sends a message to the world that progressives are coming together; and with the recent launch of Justice Democrats, and the ongoing efforts of Wolf PAC, I’m glad to be partnered with TYTN, who I view as a leader in the movement.”

TYT Network has become one of YouTube’s top partner channels, achieving over 200 million views a month and six billion total views, across all platforms. As Figueredo suggested, the partnership will enable The Humanist Report to tap into MCN-like resources and will provide marketing, editorial, and promotional opportunities.

The Young Turks has focused on building out its own content, especially around its flagship show (and others like What the Flick?!, ThinkTank, TYT Sports), but the company recognizes that there are plenty of political voices out there. “TYT doesn’t have a monopoly on great creators with sharp political minds,” Chief Business Officer Steve Oh told us. “There are many folks out there and when we come across one who’s a great fit, we welcome them into the network.”

Adam Flomenbaum

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