Netflix launches comedy Instagram account

Netflix has launched a new Instagram account solely dedicated to its Comedy offerings. Ahead of Jerry Seinfeld’s upcoming Netflix Stand-Up Special, the streaming giant seeks to grow its social media presence and attention for its comedy arm.

As of now, the Netflix Comedy account only features 9 posts, all of which promote Seinfeld’s new special. They showcase Seinfeld’s legal pads of bits and jokes, providing fans with an extremely close look into the comedy mastermind’s work. Of the 9 posts, 4 of which are videos, where we can watch teasers of Seinfeld’s Special. Viewed all together, the 9 posts come together to form a larger poster for the Special.

You go to a party, there’s nobody there. ‘Where’d everybody go?’ ‘They left!’

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In addition to its comedy Instagram account, Netflix has also launched a Facebook Group, the “Netflix Comedy Official Group.” According to its description, the Group is a “community for discussing stand-up, series, news, and more. Feel free to start a conversation by submitting your own post, share your favorite jokes, invite your friends, or ask your burning comedy questions. The stage is yours.”

Welcome to the Netflix Comedy Official Group, a community for discussing stand-up, series, news, and more. Feel free to…

Posted by Netflix on Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Considering how stand-up comedy specials have become a Netflix staple over the last couple of years, it’s no wonder Netflix is capitalizing digitally. While promoting Seinfeld’s Special seems to be the main focus of the young Instagram account, it will be interesting to see how Netflix publicizes its other upcoming comedy offerings. 

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