V-Day surprise: San Antonio is the most romantic city (according to Amazon Prime Video data)

Ahead of Valentine’s Day, the team at Prime Video looked at streaming data from cities with more than 100,000 residents to see which cities streamed the most romance films in the past year.

San Antonio, Texas, led the pack, and Texas had three additional cities in the top ten:  Fort Worth (four), Houston (six) and Dallas (ten).

Top 20 Most Romantic Cities in the US

1.       San Antonio, Texas

2.       Louisville, Kentucky

3.       Orlando, Florida

4.       Fort Worth, Texas

5.       Miami, Florida

6.       Houston, Texas

7.       Tucson, Arizona

8.       Colorado Springs, Colorado

9.       Dallas, Texas

10.   Jacksonville, Florida

11.   Kansas City, Missouri

12.   Raleigh, North Carolina

13.   Tampa, Florida

14.   Phoenix, Arizona

15.   San Jose, California

16.   Los Angeles, California

17.   Sacramento, California

18.   San Diego, California

19.   New York, New York

20.   Charlotte, North Carolina

Some top choices in the genre (included with Prime):

·         A Year And Change

·         Destination Wedding

·         Forever My Girl 

·         Hot Summer Nights

·         How to be a Latin Lover

·         Killers

·         Life Itself 

·         Little Italy

·         Not Since You

·         The Big Sick

·         Time Travelers Wife

·         Two Night Stand·         

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