Oxygen partners with Wattpad for social storytelling around true crime show ‘Snapped’

Tap by Wattpad, a social storytelling platform, recently announced their first partnership with Oxygen Media. For the 20th season premiere of Snapped, “Oxygen will commission a Wattpad writer to create compelling content that ties to the theme of the series and brings the same edge-of-your seat intensity of a page-turner.” Wattpad is helping Oxygen “reach a millennial audience hungry for content that is authentic, unique and immersive; bringing fans and community readers a true entertainment experience.”

Found Remote interviewed Adam Zeller, VP of Social Media for Bravo and Oxygen Networks, and Suzanne Spence, Head of Brand Solutions at Wattpad, about the partnership and the platform.

Found Remote: How did the relationship with Wattpad come about?
Adam Zeller: We reached out to Vayner Media to help us launch the 20th season of Snapped with a series of clever digitally and socially focus stunts. There is a huge opportunity to raise the bar creatively for True Crime content on digital platforms in order to attract a younger true crime fan. Vayner came to the table with many innovative ideas, including this partnership.

FR: How did the relationship with Oxygen come about?
Suzanne Spence:
Tap by Wattpad is the perfect fit to help launch the new season of Snapped. Crime/thriller stories are some of the most popular on the platform and we knew that a Snapped-inspired story would resonate with the majority of readers who gravitate towards suspense and mystery. People love to read chat-style stories that make them feel like they’re ‘spying’ on the conversations of others. And with the Snapped Season 20 premiere focusing on the Scott and Laci Peterson case, Tap provides the ultimate voyeuristic social experience.

When we connected with Vayner about the opportunity to drive tune-in for the new season, we knew leveraging the new app Tap would be critical to help the network grab the attention of a younger true crime fan.

This is the first branded campaign on Tap by Wattpad.

FR: What are you building with Wattpad?
AZ: Wattpad’s Tap platform is trailblazing a new form of storytelling by engaging its users with a tap of their device to progress the narrative. We’ve partnered with Tap to find their most popular authors to create Snapped inspired stories for their audience. Tap is a platform where crime content already resonates so having authors on Tap participate in a branded content campaign feels extremely authentic and relevant.

FR: What are you building with Oxygen?
SS: We commissioned one of our top thriller/suspense writers, @SheHopes, to create a custom story inspired by themes of the show. We also leveraged real transcripts from phone conversations between Scott Peterson and Amber Frey. We hosted these transcripts on Tap as a story in order to build public awareness and drive excitement for the Snapped season premiere. Additionally, our Tap team generated nail-biting gifs to engage our social audiences across other platforms.

FR: How is it going to help promote the show?
AZ: We are driving awareness of Snapped’s 20th season through messaging adjacent to our content. In addition, a partnership with Tap reaches a younger, more digitally savvy audience that will expand Oxygen’s reach as content destination. As we enter our upfront season and reinforce our rebrand as an innovative crime network, we believe partnerships like this will bring attention to Oxygen.

The stories have been laced with tune-in information, as well as social support, push notification, and influencer promotions. This combination will help to drive awareness of the upcoming season premiere.

FR: Is the second screen dead? Which is the first screen?
AZ: While binging, on demand, and time-shifting have made it more challenging to produce real-time second screen content, the viewer’s demand for a 360 content experience has actually increased, as has consumer engagement and loyalty. We just need to design and execute the distribution of this content in a time-agnostic way.
SS: Viewing content on one screen isn’t enough for consumers these days. Especially if they are hungry for more content related to their favorite show. Providing viewers with a 360 content experience increases their interest in a show and bridges the gap between what consumers want and what traditional broadcast provide.

FR: Are you working with any other TV networks? If so how?
SS: Operating like a multi-channel network (MCN), Wattpad Studios partners with the film and tv partners to co-produce Wattpad stories created by Wattpad Stars for other platforms.

The company has announced several strategic partnerships with Turner, NBC Universal’s Universal Cable Productions, Paramount Pictures, Simon & Schuster, United Talent Agency, among others.

FR: Anything else?
AZ: Oxygen has become the fastest growing cable entertainment network among total viewers in total day, up +48% year over year.  Also Oxygen’s Crime Block is up +63% in total viewers from last year.

SS: For over a decade, Wattpad has been at the forefront of social storytelling and today has over 55 million users who spend 15 billion minutes a month immersed in original stories.

Wattpad Brand Stories deliver the entertainment and authentic engagement today’s millennials/gen Z want from their favorite brands. And now, we can offer brands a new way to engage with audiences – through chat-style stories on Tap by Wattpad.

Natan Edelsburg

Executive Editor, Found Remote. EVP, Muck Rack & Shorty Awards. I watch every TV show. http://linkd.in/nedelsburg

Natan Edelsburg

Executive Editor, Found Remote. EVP, Muck Rack & Shorty Awards. I watch every TV show. http://linkd.in/nedelsburg

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