Disney and Dior top May TV Social Lift Rankings

As summer heats up, so does advertising for new movie releases. Disney, which hyped the highly-anticipated Toy Story 4 in May, made an appearance on both the broadcast and cable rankings this month. Read on for more on the most socially engaged TV advertisers from May.

  • Fashion designer Dior, which launched its new 30 Montaigne line in May saw the greatest lift in social media engagement for broadcast advertisers following TV ads this month.
  • Coca-Cola’s “Summer Love” ad helped the brand grab the top spot for cable and number two spot for broadcast.
  • Ahead of the release of Toy Story 4, Disney became the top cable advertiser.

To assess the TV ads generating the greatest consumer response on social media, 4C fuses data from Teletrax, a global TV monitoring network covering more than 1,300 U.S. Channels in all 210 DMAs, and its proprietary social affinity database with engagements from 2+ billion social media users across Facebook and Twitter.

By comparing each brand’s social media engagements in the two-minute period after the start of a TV ad to the brand’s average social media engagement rate, 4C calculates the TV Social Lift Impact. Ultimately this is a measure of how much more likely a consumer is to engage with with the brand on social media after seeing its TV ad.

For example, Dior’s 129.4% TV Social Lift Impact means Dior’s broadcast TV ads increased Dior’s social engagements by 129.4% in the two minutes following the start of an ad.

Grace LeDuc

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