Amazon original ‘Z: The Beginning of Everything’ continues to gain viewers

Amazon’s ‘I Love Dick’ continues to drive originals viewership, but the network must also be enjoying the steady increase in viewership for its ‘Z: The Beginning of Everything,’ which saw a 33% increase in viewership week over week.

Below, additional insights via Jumpshot:

  • No New Originals:  3 new titles (Boardwalk Empire Season 5, Poldark Season 2 and Dino Dana) were introduced to the Amazon television series catalog in recent days.  However, without the introduction of a new Amazon Original title, the top 10 series has remained the same for the past two weeks and viewership for these top 10 titles combined has declined almost 16% week over week.  
  • Zelda Renaissance:  The Amazon Original Series, Z: The Beginning of Everything, saw a 33% increase in viewership week over week even though the title has been part of the catalog since late January.  The show was renewed for a second season and this week it finished as the 2nd highest series viewed this week, driving a 16% share.
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Adam Flomenbaum

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