Amazon Top 10 9/12/17

The Tick Leads Amazon Prime Shows; American Horror Story Surges

Amazon Prime saw its superhero comedy The Tick sucked up the largest portion of viewers on the platform this week. Among the top ten shows on the site, it took a 28 percent share of unique viewers. The stat, which seems somewhat impressive, is actually a rather muted rate for a debut. Typically, new titles on Amazon garner a 40 to 50 percent share in the first few weeks of their runs. It’ll be interesting to watch if The Tick can continue to gain momentum.

The biggest gaining title was, surprisingly, American Horror Story. Week-over-week, it gained 1457 percent more viewers. It’s debut on FX on September 5 likely drove some of the enthusiasm, but the nature of the anthology series means viewers don’t have to play catch-up to keep up with plots. Perhaps the fact that the show is going to start to leave Netflix in stages in the coming months played a role.

British import Victoria also saw a big gain in viewership, 125 percent more unique visitors watched last week than the week before, enough to give it a 7 percent share and 8th place among the top ten.

The Last Tycoon and Z: The Beginning of Everything, who led the way for Amazon in August, have cooled off since, each dropping about 77 percent.


Title Week over Week Change
The Tick -23%
The Last Tycoon -77%
Mr. Robot -16%
Suits -36%
Salvation -26%
Sneaky Pete -49%
American Horror Story 1457%
Victoria 125%
Z: The Beginning of Everything -76%
Goliath -8%


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